Workshop to enhance reporting skills ends

NATHIAGALI    -   A comprehensive five-day training workshop aimed at enhancing the reporting skills of journalists across various districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa concluded successfully in Changlagali on Friday. The workshop, themed around freedom of expression and reporting skills, was organized by a non-governmental organization and attended by both male and female journalists representing provincial government and private TV channels, newspapers, and radio stations.

Renowned trainer Saifullah Khoso and senior journalist Fazal Rahman led the workshop, providing detailed briefings on journalistic reporting techniques and navigating information channels, particularly through the Right to Information (RTI) Act. The workshop also addressed the prevalent misuse of digital platforms in South Asian countries, shedding light on pertinent laws governing digital media.

Throughout the workshop, journalists engaged in interactive sessions, including a symbolic simulation of the United Nations General Assembly, where discussions revolved around legislation concerning freedom of expression and the condemnation of laws restricting it.

Group sessions facilitated discussions on fact-checking methodologies using online tools, with participants sharing personal experiences and observations.

Trainers Saifullah Khoso and Fazal Rahman introduced journalists to modern online tools for verifying news authenticity, particularly in the context of air and maritime accidents, through practical demonstrations. A key focus of the workshop was the importance of preventing propaganda on digital media platforms and refraining from involvement in propagandist activities against state institutions. Detailed discussions were held on various provisions of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance, emphasizing the need to adhere to journalistic principles while upholding national security interests.

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