By Alina Zaman

Talented Singer Nadeem Abbas who is known for his catchy and popular singles like ‘Bismillah Karan’ and ‘Gadi tu mangwa de”, is yet back again with his new single ’Love story’. Nadeem was born in Chiniot on 10th, August 1985,is the son of popular folk singer Allah Dita. It was from childhood that Nadeem started getting singing training from his father, but before pursuing career in singing his father encouraged him to complete his studies first and then enter the music industry. It was after this his journey was started off and now he owns ADL productions along with six released albums so far which is an amazing work is done by him. Throughout Pakistan and world he is known for his music and no doubt he is few of Pakistani musicians who was able to make a mark for himself in a short period of time. Let’s take a look at Nadeem Abbas,what he has to say about music and himself.


How does it feel to be the son of an iconic singer like Allah Dita?

It feels amazing and I’m extremely proud to be the son of such a big name. It’s because of him; I don’t take music lightly as I have a lot to live up to, so yes, having such a big name behind me is motivation for me as a singer.

Which music genre do you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoy Sufi and Folk music the most as these genres are our national identity.

Did you receive vocal training from your father?

I received training from my father from a very young age because this is a family tradition.

Who inspires you the most besides your father and why?

There are many singers who inspired me such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab because they took our local culture internationally through their music.

Tell our readers about your childhood.

My childhood was a very happy time for me and I really miss it. I started learning music back then which I really enjoyed. I used to accompany my Dad to a lot of places and felt pride in seeing his popularity. I was an average student but great at extracurricular activities.

You graduated and then pursued singing. How has education helped you in shaping your future?

Education helps a lot. Even though I was an average student and enjoyed music more, I have to say that education plays a very important role in shaping a person’s overall personality.

What’s your favorite time pass other than music?

I love reading poetry and novels.

Which is your favorite place for dining out?

I mostly like home cooked food, but some of my favorite places to dine out are Fujiyama, Coffee Tea & Co., Café Zouk etc.

Q: Which song is most close to your heart and why?

‘Bismillah Karan’ because this song has now became my signature number.

Bismillah Karan has become your recognition, what according to you made the song such a huge hit?

I think it’s the melody of the song which is very catchy and its heart touching lyrics that made this song a super hit.

Your new romantic number “Love Story” has recently been released. What is the forte of this song in your view?

I find this song to be very catchy. It’s a lovely melody with beautiful lyrics to compliment it.

You must have travelled nationally and internationally, where did you enjoy performing the most?

I love performing anywhere where the audience appreciates authentic music. Some places where I found this kind of audience were India and USA.

How was ADL Productions founded and how successful has it been so far?

We founded ADL Productions when we saw the state of record labels in Pakistan. We decided to make our own company so that whatever loss we incur or any revenue we manage to generate, it should be ours. It was been quite successful so far especially considering it is not a full-fledged record label.

Pakistani artistes aspire to become Bollywood playback singers. Do you have any such plans?

See, I am an artist at the end of the day. I would love to reach out to a wider audience but strictly on my own terms.

How important is music in your opinion, for any culture?

It is extremely important for any culture. If you look at Pakistan, our only identity abroad is because of our artists. People know our country because of them.

The Pakistani music industry is undergoing a change that it had never seen before. Internet and computer generated music has changed the scenario. How do you see the situation?

I have recorded for radio shows and PTV through manual takes almost 10 years ago. Back then there was no trend of computerized recordings. There was a lot of team work involved and it was a great experience. I enjoyed it a lot. It really helps an artist to grow. Computer generated music has undoubtedly improved the quality of music but however there is a certain feel missing from it but as it is recorded in parts a lot of mistakes can be covered up through technology.

Music no longer sells well in the market as the instant it is released it goes on the internet for free. From where do the artists earn their livelihood? Is it only from performances in shows and private parties?

It is very unfortunate that our musicians solely rely on gigs to earn their livelihood. Internationally, musicians earn through each and everything such as magazine shoots, endorsements, interviews, radio airplay, digital sales etc. I really hope the situation gets better in Pakistan or else the future might not be very bright for our upcoming musicians.

What is your message for upcoming musicians?

My message to all upcoming musicians is to learn how to stand your ground. Don’t let anyone influence your personality.