London: The BBC has launched an official inquiry and apologised after it emerged that a convicted fraudster posing  as a cricket expert was hired to give expert opinion on TV and radio stations.

Nadeem Alam reportedly posed as Nadeem Abbasi  - a former international batsman for Pakistan - and gave 'expert' opinions to the BBC on the team's efforts. Abbasi, who played three test matches for Pakistan in the late 80s, was said to be ‘furious’ at Huddersfield man Nadeem Alam, who admitted deception in 1995 for posing as a professional sports player to obtain free equipment. Mr Abbasi, 46, who now coaches a side in Rawalpindi, told The Sun in an exclusive: ‘If I find Nadeem Alam I will punch him in the face for damaging the country’s reputation. He added that his media work was with Pakistan Television during the 1996 World Cup. The BBC is a big institution and surely they must check? Alam’s work includes discussion with former Indian batsman Aakash Chopra on the BBC World Service's Stumped, videos of which have now been removed.–Monitoring Desk

And while he claims he is ‘no longer pretending to be Dadeem Abbasi’, he seemed somewhat unremorseful about his previous work. ‘I like to think I have been talking good cricket,’ he said.