Self exiled leader of MQM claims that the Rangers bought in the NATO weapons, wrapped in blankets, inside the MQM headquarters, during the latest search operation. Does this mean that the Rangers also brought in proclaimed offenders, terrorists and criminals, wrapped in blankets inside the MQM head quarters? It is indeed a very sad state Pakistanis are living in, after getting our independence from India and the British; we are now under the slavery of leaders like Altaf Hussain. Who has placed himself in exile in UK, claiming threats from the Government, while his party MQM is part of the Government!

When the MQM leader, now a UK citizen, needs to make a speech, the people of Karachi are forced to sit in the streets, like a bunch of slaves. Although being a political party, the organisation is involved in racketeering, corruption, extortion, killings and terrorist activities. The MQM has been linked to the murder of Imran Farooq in London and even to the horrific Baldia Town factory fire. Everyone in Pakistan and is aware of these facts, but even than no action is being taken against them. Why? Under normal circumstances, if a UK citizen was responsible for terrorising the people of Pakistan he would be extradited to Pakistan, so why is he being given asylum? I would say that the Government of Pakistan and UK are equally responsible for these illegal activities.


Peshawar, March 12.