LAHORE - Fahad Ali, Rana Usman and Ali Abdullah gave tremendous performances to win the respective categories of city qualifiers round of Red Bull Paper Wings held here on Saturday.

In Lahore chapter, the longest distance of 37.8 metre was covered by Fahad Kamil while victorious of the longest airtime category was Rana Usman with 6.78 seconds and Ali Abdullah was winner of aerobatics category by securing 29 points out of 30.  The Islamabad chapter Red Bull Paper Wings qualifiers round saw Arslan Mir covering longest distance with 20.3 metre, Waleed Ali Khan maintaining supremacy in longest airtime with 5.5 seconds and Zaeem Khan winning aerobatics gathering 21 points out of 30.

In an interview with this scribe after registering victory, Fahad Ali, winner of 2012’s longest distance category, once again displayed his prowess in the same category and won with 38.7 metre distance, and said: “I was fully prepared for the event and wanted to win with improved record. I am fully confident to win not only at national level qualifiers but also eager to prove my mettle in world finals.”

“Last time, pressure was hurdle between me and victory, but this time, utilizing my experience well and with hard work, I will score win and earn good name and fame for my country.”

Rana Usman, winner of longest airtime category, said that he was also the national winner in 2012 event and would maintain his position this time as well. “Though I didn’t qualify for the world finals yet I am confident this time, I would attain this distinction too. I have two weeks to prepare for the national event and after that, I will leave no stone unturned to achieve the world finals feat which will be dream come true for me.”

Ali Abdullah, the winner of aerobatics category, termed his victory the result of his parents’ prayers and his hard work which bore fruit this time. He vowed to stun his opponents at national level as well as world finals with his unique and distinctive work for which he was quite sure. “The sky-high spirit of success will lead me to lift the world finals title.”

The city qualifiers round will now take place in Karachi on the March 21. The top position holders of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi will then compete in the national finals on March 28 in the 4th edition of Red Bull Paper Wings, the winners of which will feature in the world finals at Hangar-7.