It is well known that more has been done to promote cricket than any other sports and nothing has been done to promote traditional and cultural sports. All provinces have traditional and indigenous sports, such as ‘Kodi Kodi’ and ‘Malh’ (Sindhi wrestling), are ancient and traditional sports. These sports convey values of solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness and cultural awareness but the provincial Sports Department has utterly neglected them, and the players of these sports feel ‘invisible.’

However, the federal and provincial governments must now work to preserve, promote and develop traditional games and sports, and to ensure that they form an integral part of national and development strategies. Sindh government should set up ‘Malkhra Stadiums’ at divisional level for the youth of the province and appoint seasoned ‘Malh’ and ‘Kodi Kodi’ Pahlwans as couches on handsome packages. We must continue to preserve and encourage traditional games as our cultural heritage which is a guarantee of enrichment for our society.


Islamabad, February 23.