Karachi - Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra has reiterated that the Karachi Chamber never supports strikes and protests by anybody whosoever under whatever circumstances as it has been observed on various occasions that such activities only result in causing severe losses to the economy and deprive millions of daily wage earners of their livelihood.

In a statement issued, Iftikhar Vohra, while welcoming Additional IG Sindh Ghulam Qadir Thebo’s remarks on effectively dealing with crimes in the city and his commitment to control strikes as well, pointed out that all trade, industrial and economic activities come to grinding halt because of strikes whereas everyday protests and sit-ins at various spots of the city intensify the suffering being faced by millions of Karachiites. Iftikhar Vohra pointed out that as soon as any irresponsible statement pertaining to strikes by such illegal trade bodies and associations flashes on any TV channel, it results in triggering panic and creates a war-like situation all over the city in which citizens are seen rushing back to their homes in order to stay safe. President KCCI also expressed deep concern over protests and sit-ins on some of the busiest roads of the city which have become a routine nowadays, causing severe traffic jams and intensifying the hardships for thousands of commuters who remain stuck up in traffic jams for hours and even at times, many patients being rushed to local hospitals for medical assistance loose their lives during these traffic jams.

To minimise the grievances being faced by the masses, President KCCI suggested that any demonstrations, protests or sit-ins should only be allowed on any two designated sites preferably grounds or parks in each district of the city and should not be allowed on roads at any cost.