New York:  Lindsay Lohan only went on nights out because she had nothing else to do. The American actress has been in the limelight since she was a youngster, staring in childhood favourites The Parent Trap and Life-Size.

However, as she got older Lindsay became better known for her love of partying and getting into trouble with the law. She's had stints in rehab and jail and looking back, the 28-year-old admits a lot of the time her troubles were caused by feelings of loneliness. ‘I’ve seen a different side to it than everybody else. I’ve seen the side where it’s go-go-go-go-go and you’re only as hot as your last movie, and then it just stops. If anything, it’s very lonely,’ she sighed to Hunger magazine.–BTG

‘My experience was being very lonely because I’m a people person. I like being around people and I also didn’t have my family there.

‘And certain friends only want to go out and do certain things. They just want to go out and I’m a homebody. I would just go out because I had nothing else to do! Otherwise, you’re just depressed sitting there alone. It’s a huge amp-up for really nothing in the end. It’s different for everyone.’

Lindsay has turned over a new leaf recently, and received rave reviews for her turn in West End play Speed-the-Plow.

After starring on the London stage she decided to move to the British capital permanently. While preparing to tread the boards, Lindsay turned to a Hollywood icon for tips. ‘I asked Al Pacino for a lot of advice. He was across the street from me at the time. I’m obsessed with Scarface and with him. He was really cool,’ she gushed. ‘Nigel [Lindsay, co-star] and I got really close too.’

During the play's run Lindsay got sick, but instead of lying in bed she decided to continue with work - even if that meant running off the stage to be sick in one scene. ‘I really screwed up when I saw that Oprah was in the audience. I had no idea that she was coming and I saw her. I was holding the book and I literally went Oh. I picked the book back up and carried on reading. But once you know a play, it’s a piece of cake - it’s exhilarating,’ she explained.