Islamabad - Another new polio case of Sindh was confirmed by National Institute of Health (NIH) on Saturday.

Rubina, 54-month-old female child, resident of tehsil Khairpur, district Dadu, paralysed on February 19. Based on the parental recall, the child has not received any oral polio vaccine (OPV) dose.

Community consists of 20-30 households and the vaccination team member is LHW of the same community.

But as per community statement during vaccination rounds another vaccinator visits the community and calls all the children outside the village and just vaccinate the available children without any door to door visit. No door marking was found in the community.  

The total number of cases this year has reached to 19 with KP, 7, FATA, 6, Sindh, 4, and Balochistan, 2.