JAMSHORO - Sindh University spokesman Nadir Ali Mugheri has received threats from the pro-vice chancellor, SU Mirpurkhas campus Imdad Ali Ismaili on issuing varsity administration’s version regarding HEC plagiarism issue in which the HEC has blacklisted Imdad Ismaili and Azhar Ali Shah for finding them involved in plagiarism in their thesis for a period of two years.

In a statement issued here, the university spokesman while giving details said that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had sent a letter to university administration suggesting it to implement decision of HEC plagiarism standing committee (PSC). According to the committee six faculty members of SU including PVC SU Mirpurkhas campus Imdad Ismaili and Dr Azhar Ali Shah have been blacklisted for being involved in plagiarism.

The letter addressed to vice chancellor said: “A complaint of plagiarism has been received against the faculty members and PVC SU Mirpurkhas campus. The evidence and opinion of editor has been considered in the 15th meeting of HEC plagiarism standing committee on January 15, 2015.” It adding that self-plagiarism has been established in the cases as same paper was republished.

“It is unethical practice that author names are changed in the journal papers who seem to get benefit for these publications,” the HEC letter said.

It said: Keeping it in view, the authors will be blacklisted and the benefits of HEC i.e. approved supervisor, travel grants, R&D grants, awards and as member on committees (constituted for different purposes) will be stopped for a period of two years i.e. January 27, 2015 to January 27, 2017.

The HEC executive director Prof. Dr Mansoor Akbar Kundi asked the university administration to implement the decision of the PSC.

According to university spokesman, Sindh University received the letter on March 2. The Registrar with the approval of competent authorities issued notices to the said six faculty members for clearing their position in this regard.

He said the university authorities handled the matter tactfully and did not unearth it only for the purpose not to let the elections of syndicate affected which were likely to be held on March 11, 2015. “But soon after the syndicate elections took place, the HEC authorities had posted the details of these faculty members on their official website and the matter came public through media, but Imdad Ismaili & others tried to create issue by giving false statement in the media,” he said.

The spokesman said on countering the statement of SU Mirpurkhas PVC and others in which they had said that the plagiarism matter has been raised by Sindh University administration in order to rig the syndicate elections, he was threatened of dire consequences by Dr Imdad Ismaili. “Ismaili tried harassing me through various means demanding to take the official version back,” he said.

“Imdad Ismaili & Azhar Shah in his statement told a lie saying that the letter in this regard was sent for by acting vice-chancellor Prof Dr Parveen Shah at Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur which is a false, baseless and a fabricated statement, HEC itself faxed the letter to Sindh University administration on March 2,” the spokesman maintained.

He said the syndicate elections were free, fair & transparent while the plagiarism matter could not be linked with it adding that after being exposed, Ismaili has started creating confusion by statements on media. “He has browbeaten me for two days making a number of telephonic calls,” said the spokesman.

Mugheri said that he will be rendering his services as per job description under the guidance and patronage of vice-chancellor, University of Sindh Jamshoro.