S:     Man, I still can’t believe they raided Nine Zero. Not that I don’t support it, but still. If there is one way to make sure that Karachi goes berserk, it’s poking the MQM. And they seem to have done much more than just that, haven’t they?

A:     True. Target killers, loads of weapons – any place that hosts all that ought to be raided. I bet they were absolutely convinced that their party HQ was off limits. Clearly, it’s not. But yes, I am quite concerned about what will follow. I mean, things haven’t exactly been great in Karachi, but this is surely going to change things for the worse. I just hope that it’s all worth it. That eventually, peace returns and the city can move on.

S:     Well, judging from the past, one can safely conclude that the city won’t move on. Does it ever? The MQM is not going to vanish in thin air, you know. It’s going to fight back. And guess what? It does represent the majority of people in Karachi.

A:     Does it? Maybe we should not assume until we hold free and fair elections in the city for a change. For now, all I want is for the operation to continue and target everyone. Lyari, Nine Zero, Sohrab Goth – everyone. The politicians should not be allowed to interfere at all.

S:     I don’t know, Ameen. That makes me nervous. There must be some political oversight; it is how things should be done in democratic countries. The military may have its heart in the right place, but let’s be honest. They don’t care much for law.

A:     Oh, and your politicians do? Sadiq, do you really think that the PPP would give a free hand to Rangers, or fix the police? They’re all in it, and they all deserve a thrashing.

S:     I’d be more pleased to see the military go after its assets in Balochistan, Punjab and elsewhere. This is nothing new.