The last two months have seen the Army taking over most of the important functions of the State as now the Foreign Office, all policy matters are cleared by GHQ. The top four countries, Afghanistan, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, welcomed Gen Raheel, and he was accorded a head of Government status in the UK as evidenced by his meeting the British Prime Minister, in full uniform (a first for a Pakistani COAS) which underlines the importance the British Government is giving to Gen. Raheel as de facto head of the Pakistani Government.

In US he was treated in a similar manner. His allowing the Prime Minister to address the Sind administration, in which Zardari was not allowed to speak when he routed a question, concerning the purchase of the APCs through a Sindhi Minister, he was rudely told they would be done in the proper procedure, implying that the proper procedure had not been followed. Further putting the Zardari coterie on notice that they would not get away with the plunder they were practicing.

The manner in which the Nawaz government has allowed the soft coup to establish its writ also indicates that the PML-N is well aware of its inherent moral weakness, that could easily translate into a political rout, via recounting of votes in key areas. The government knows only too well how numbers are manipulated. There are many in the Assemblies, who know where the bodies are buried!

Many whistle blowers are jostling to be heard. This also brings to question the ongoing slow pace of the investigations, it is casting serious doubts on the credibility of Gen Raheel, for the public at large is convinced that a ‘deal’ is being negotiated by Zardari, Nawaz and the Army. Somewhat like an NRO, which would allow them to walk free with a slap on the wrist.

General Raheel must know that he is trusted to ensure better governance, and not to allow the crooks an easy way out. In fact, the people would like to see the Army oversee an accountability, a real accountability! There are many who already have the details of the scams that have cost our country dearly. Now is the time for the perpetrators to be brought to book. Importantly, General Raheel must bring about the accountability, as for now he is the only person that the Pakistanis trust and respect.


Lahore, February 23.