1) Basics

Someone’s got to do the basics well. He's got to know what he’s about as a cricketer and know his strengths and weaknesses well and set the foundation.

2) Improvise

Secondly, he’s got to improve. T20 cricket doesn’t always go your way. You’ve got to be able adapt and think on your feet, and to change it up every now and then.

3) Creativity

[He's] got to be creative. He’s got to find wide spaces on the field, areas where there are no fielders...got to be creative in his thinking, the ways he bats and fields.

4) Energy

Always got to have a lot of energy on the field, whether he’s batting, bowling or fielding. You've got to have energy and intensity in Twenty20 cricket.

5) Big Match

Temperament: BMT

Last but not least, BMT: Big Match Temperament player: the most important point for me. The guy who can play under pressure. If you need 10 off 3 balls, [you want] the guy who can stay calm and make the right decision at the right time.