ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday took exception of an incident in which party’s general secretary for Islamabad chapter staged protest for being left out of the meeting, The Nation has learnt.

The PPP chief is in the federal capital these days and chaired meeting of PPP Islamabad at Zardari House and discussed the local issues related to the party.

The sources told The Nation that the entire local leadership was present in the meeting except the General Secretary Agha Muhammad Ali. However, Ali reached Zardari House along with party workers and started protesting and chanting slogans against PPP Islamabad president Faisal Sakhi Butt.

The Chairman took notice of the situation and invited Agha Muhammad Ali in the meeting and asked him to brief about the incident and issues related to the party activities and coordination of local leaders, the sources said.

The sources disclosed that Agha did not miss the opportunity and spoke against the way Faisal Sakhi Butt treats devoted workers. He also brought into the notice of Chairman that Butt did not add his name in the list of office berries intentionally.

He mentioned that the local leadership always ignores him and never keeps him in the loop while preparing worker list for meeting with top leadership during the visits of Chairman and former President Asif Ali Zardari.

Talking to The Nation, Agha Muhammad Ali confirmed that his name was not included in the office barriers’ list who met with Bilawal. He said that he launched protest over it.

However, he said Bilawal responded to his protest positively and invited him to the meeting and paid attention to his reservations. I have told the Chairman that the city president and other office bearers allow their blue-eyed workers to meet with the top leadership leaving everyone else out of the list, he added.

Agha mentioned that Bialwal has assigned him a task to prepare the list of dedicated workers of the city who were not happy and arrange his meetings with them in the next visit.

When contacted Faisal Skahi Butt told The Nation that the meeting with the party chief was positive and all office bearers endorsed his suggestions except General Secretary Agha Muhammad Ali. He admitted that Bilawal also drew attention of local leadership to the slums issues and he was not aware about PPP Islamabad chapter’s stance over the issue.

Butt said that all local leaders and workers who were present in the meeting voted in his favour to endorse his leadership when Bilawal Bhutto sought their response in this regard.

The sources said that Bilawal Bhutto strictly bound the local leadership to focus on education, health and slums issues of the city and updat him from time to time.