Apropos Federal Information Minister’s statement “government will not let the accountability process undermine the country’s progress”. It seems definition of progress has been redefined, where affluent traders and powerful vested interests thrive, while state funds are depleted accompanied with brain drain and massive tax evasion not considered a crime. How can mega projects be launched without following due process of checks and balances? Governments are elected to serve people, not vested or self interests.

All over developed and civilized world strict accountability for financial and ethical irregularities has resulted in good governance and sufficient state funds collected through direct taxes available to invest in education, health, security with an independent judiciary, powerful transparent regulatory controls and research in technological advances.

Pakistan instead of modern welfare state envisioned by Quaid or strict accountability of ruling elite, a hallmark of Holy Prophet (PBUH) teachings is no longer the guiding force of those who wield power. The choice for people is whether we will allow men like Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz, Zardari or Nawaz to decide our fate, or will stand up to get equal rights and equal opportunities given by constitution which also guarantees applicability of laws to all citizens without discrimination.

M. T. ALI,

Lahore, February 21.