Excessive use of technology

Technology is a double edged sword. It has some positive impacts as well as negative impacts. Although, technology is benefitting us in many ways but we are very much prone to its negative impacts. The negative approach towards modern technology is more dominating and influential.
Technology is destroying our mental, social and physical health. We are getting mentally upset due to the advancement of technology. People are becoming lazy and slothful by spending more time on video games, you tube, facebook, instagram, twitter etc. People are also suffering from anxiety, obesity and depression due to lack of exercise, human contact and over eating. All the time they make themselves busy in using different technological equipment and get dejected by cutting themselves to the natural environment. Technology is also affecting our sleeping habits in a devastating way. Lack of sleep is making us dull and boring .It is also affecting our eyesight and mind in a very bad manner.
Rawalpindi, February 20.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt