LAHORE - Punjab Governor Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana has said the traders and business community is backbone of the economy, and the government is attending to their needs on priority basis. “The government is taking every step to ensure the wheel of industrial units and business houses continue to move on,” the governor said while talking to a delegation of the Pakistani Industrial and Traders Association here yesterday.

The governor underlined the need for thriving industrial sector as a good mean to address the problems like unemployment and shortage of foreign reserves. He added that with a view to boosting up the productivity of this sector, the government is fast completing the energy projects.

Due to the government’s efforts, the governor said, peace has returned to the country which infused new confidence in the foreign investment and now they are freely putting money in many projects in the country. Later talking to a delegation of the AJK journalists, Governor Rajwana said the media is playing a commendable role to highlight social problems and point of view of the public on government policies.