ISLAMABAD: Pakistan highly appreciates China’s economic blueprint presented in the ongoing session of the National People’s Congress, hoping it will lead to a strong World’s economy and a win-win situation in its trade and business relationship with the neighboring countries.    

China’s five-year plan (2016-2020) reflects the country’s strong resolve to ensure a better life for its people and the world at large. People and the government of Pakistan wish to see China's ever-growing and having leading role in the regional development , said Pakistan’s ambassador to China Masood Khalid. He said strong China is in interest of Pakistan.

"China is the world's second largest economy, accounting for a quarter of the world economic output. The world economy, in general, has seen a meltdown in recent years. In such a scenario, the imprint of Chinese economy on the world economic map has a far-reaching impact, he said while talking to a Chinese leading newspaper Global Times.

The ambassador believed that China is fully aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead. The carefully planned 13th Five-Year-Plan is a step-wise strategy to mitigate challenges of mass manufacturing and overcapacity, and build on the policy of high-tech and eco-friendly growth, Khalid said.

A coordinated development model as envisaged in the plan would lead to overall development and prosperity across all regions of China, he said.

From the two sessions, Khalid said he sees the Chinese leadership's efforts towards transparency and opening-up. 

"The two sessions manifest China's realistic economic and social welfare assessment. The leadership is paying attention to foreign experts and their opinions during the sessions. There is talk of innovation and quality in the future growth architecture of China," he noted.

"In diplomacy, we are seeing China's firmness and clarity in addressing many important issues," Khalid said.

Premier Li Keqiang's government work report presents a pragmatic and candid assessment of the tasks ahead, said the ambassador, adding that "it is a practical, step-wise trajectory of the future course China has decided to take in the fields of economy, social welfare and overall development."

"The report gives the feel of a confident China, which is fully aware of its strengths and challenges, and firmly understands its international role in enhancing peace and stability," he said.