“..all the feelings of the New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox rivalry in baseball, Barcelona vs Real Madrid

in soccer and England vs Australia in any sport had been distilled and deepened with an extra dose of

hostile geopolitics and the passions of 1.4 billion people,”

–The New York Times on the Pakistan-India cricket rivalry that

has been described as the “world’s greatest sporting rivalry”.

As the match that everyone has been waiting for arrives, for citizens of both countries, it’s almost a matter of life and death, and for the rest of the cricketing world, it’s the ultimate match to watch out for. While the two teams may not play a bilateral series any more thanks to numerous external factors, when they do meet in major tournaments, they give us a match to remember. Be it the first ever ICC World Twenty20 or the recent 2015 World Cup match, India vs Pakistan encounters have been full of superlative performances, high on emotions, both for players and fans. And there is so much more to the matches than just the result — from records to bragging rights. We wish the best of luck to Team Green today as the entire nation roots for them.