ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court (SC) yesterday said if Inspector Generals (IGs) are above the law, they should raise the flag of Daesh in place of Pakistan on their offices.

A two-member bench headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed conducted hearing of the case against commercial and government activities in Islamabad’s residential areas.

The Supreme Court (SC) rejected plea seeking three month extension for shifting federal and motorway’s Inspector General’s (IG) offices to another place.

Interior secretary told the court that office of IG Islamabad police and IG motorway is in F-7 and F-8 respectively whereas three months are needed to shift those offices to another place from the residential areas.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed refused to grant the said duration and questioned that why the security departments want to embarrass the government. He asked that doesn’t the law apply on the IGs.

He remarked that if both the IGs consider themselves above law then they should raise the flag of Daesh in place of Pakistan on their offices. The judge while maintaining a critical tone said that the slum areas of I-11 were demolished on immediate basis and residents were not even given time to arrange an alternative accommodation.

Additional attorney general requested the court to grant them an hour for the process during which they will work out the matter with interior secretary and chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA). The court while accepting the request adjourned the hearing for a short while.