Senate HR panel approves bill on child rights commission

ISLAMABAD   -    The Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights on Monday unanimously passed “The National Commission on Rights of Child (Amendment) Bill. The bill was moved by Senator Faisal Javed with certain amendments so that it could serve the purpose for which it was introduced and it was harmonized with relevant provisions of original Act. The bill was designed to cater the needs of unattended children and also to address the conduct of unconcerned parents towards such children. While discussing the matter regarding “Implementation of recommendations of Functional Committee on Human Rights with respect to treatment of a child by K-Electric” raised by Senator Keshoo Bai in Senate sitting held on 14th February, 2022. The officials of K-Electric apprised the Committee that they had been trying to reached to company, named ‘BIONIKS’ which is specialized in prosthetics, for several months and they later found out that the company was registered in December 2021. However, the officials of BIONIKS informed that company was started as startup in 2016 and it has been incorporated in 2021 and it has also completed its Vendor Registration.  The Company is in constant contact with the K-Electric and negotiating the price for arm implantation, which is 1.2 Million Rupees as demanded by BIONIKS.  The K-Electric officials were of opinion that the matter is of technical nature and they could not give opinion on that.

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