PTI responsible for pushing country to verge of default: Maqam

Swabi      -     According to the Prime Minister’s Advisor on Political and Public Affairs, Engn Amir Maqam, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is to blame for the nation’s current economic weakness and for pushing it into the verge of default.

Addressing the the party workers after opening the Mansabdar grid station on Tuesday, he declared that Pakistan would default if the coalition government was not brought to power through a vote of no confidence.

The former Nawaz Sharif government had put an end to the threat of terrorism and restored calm to the nation, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but the PTI’s four years in power at the centre and roughly ten years in that province had undone all the progress. Only the PML-N leaders, he claimed, could save the younger generation’s future and realise the ideal of a prosperous future while steering the country’s sinking boat to the shore.

He cautioned the youth against backing a liar (Imran Niazi), warning that doing so would be a grave injustice to the nation and the country. He also noted that the PTI chief had started using pressure tactics on the judiciary, saying that if it supported Imran Niazi’s illegal activities, that would be right, and if it upheld the law, that would be wrong. He claimed that Imran Niazi’s tactics.

Imran Khan Niazi, he claimed, “pointed finger at state institutions when a person (Arshad Sharif) perished in a traffic accident in Kenya, but even India had not yet done what Imran had done as former prime minister with this nation.”

Imran Khan had promised to turn the prime minister’s House in Islamabad into a university before the 2018 election, but he questioned where his pledge had gone.

He claimed that the PML-N is not misleading the populace and that its leaders are actually working for their welfare. If anyone has any doubts, he or she should read the PML-track N’s record, which details how the motorway was built, how Pakistan became a nuclear power, and how the country’s economy was strengthened while the party was in power.

Imran Niazi had previously asserted that the US was engaged in overthrowing his government, but he now claims that Washington did not plan any plot against his party, according to Mr. Maqam. According to him, the Mansabdar Grid Station was constructed for the residents of Swabi at a cost of Rs 800 million.

He claimed that the PTI government abandoned the gas projects that the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) government had begun before the 2013 general election, and that the government would shortly resume work on them.

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