ISLAMABAD   -   Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan Saturday said that ex-premier Imran Khan was trying to divide the country and promoting hatred among youth.

First talking to reporters in London and then in a Twitter statement, the interior minister said that the law would take its course if someone took it into its own hands. “We do not want anarchy and chaos in the country.”

The remarks of the minister came after a high drama was witnessed in Sialkot hours before a scheduled rally of opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the city. This all started when the local administration disallowed the party to hold a rally at a ground allegedly used by the Christians for praying purpose, according to an application submitted by the minority community with the office of deputy commissioner of the district.

Rana Sanaullah said that PTI has unleashed a propaganda that was affecting minds of the masses but added that the people would not follow former prime minister Khan except his “loafer fan crowd.”

He questioned what direction Chairman PTI Khan was giving to the youth and children of the nation as he is leading them towards “a path of defiance“. He said that the law would come into action if PTI tried to implement any one of its “evil designs.”

Later, the interior minister on Twitter said that the state would ensure protection of its minorities in any case and would not allow their religious places to be used for political purposes.

He alleged that PTI workers have attacked a church in Sialkot. He said that Khan has tried to provoke religious sentiments of the Christian community by trying to turn the place specified for praying purposes into a rally spot.

He further said that it was the duty of law enforcers to give state protection to the decision of Christian community by not allowing a political party to use the place, owned by a Church, for its rally.

The interior minister in an indirect reference to PTI said that the state would not allow any party to impose autocracy in the country through coercion and force. “I warn Imran Khan that law will take its course if any law and order situation emerged in any part of the country.”