Islamabad   -   Federal Ombudsman has ordered the dismissal from service a senior foreign service officer of BPS-22 Ambassador (retired) Nadeem Riaz  now retired from the foreign service, on the allegations of sexual harasment against female trade officer saira Imdad Ali, while both were posted in embassy of Pakistan Rome, Italy.

The federal Ombudsman, delivered the verdict on the complaint of the Saira Imdad Ali against Ambassador Nadeem Riaz. In its verdict, the ombudsman  also imposed a fine of five million rupees on Ambassador Nadeem Riaz and directed the Ministry of foreign affairs to  implement the decision in letter and spirit and report to the registrar of ombudsman within seven days. Ambassador  Nadeem Riaz is retired from foreign service  for the last two years and currently posted as President of Institute of Regional studies on contract by the foreign Ministry as it is the official think tank of the foreign office. Saira Imdad Ali in her complaint narrated the treatment  and attitude of Nadeem Riaz with her while she was posted at Pakistan embassy Rome as trade officer. She said she was dealt with in a disrespectful, hostile and humailating manner by Nadeem Riaz being head of the Pakistan mission. She said she was also disrespected by the Ambassador in a meeting, when a delegation of Islamabad women chamber of commerce delegation visited Pakistan embassy Rome. Sources in the foreign Ministry says foreign office has to immediately terminate him from the Institute of regional studies as President and will have to cease his pension and retirement benefits as per court orders. Powers of the ombudsman as equivalent to the high court. She also alleged that her salary was stopped by the Ambassador, she was not provided the help of a translator, which created hurdles in her official work. Ambassador Nadeem Riaz was married to another foreign service officer Ayesha Riaz, however she got divorce from him a long time ago due to personal reasons. Nadeem Riaz also served in foreign Ministry as additional secretary(europe) in 2014-15.