HYDERABAD - The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Hyderabad Sajid Amir Suddozai on Saturday emphasised on the role of senior police officials in crime fighting. Chairing a meeting at his office here on Saturday, he said that DSPs were pivotal in the fight against the criminals, organized gangs and the elements propagating social evils. He said the purpose of the meeting was to contemplate over the ways which could help curb the growing crimes. He observed that the weaknesses in the police cases were based on a lack of interest either of the investigating police officers or the complainants. The weak case diaries and contradictions in statements of the witnesses further weaken the investigations. He underlined that it was necessary for cops to thoroughly investigate a case before the trial began in the courts of law. On the contrary, he said, the cops should make their cases so strong so that the criminal elements get punishment for their crimes from the courts. He warned the police officials that he would not tolerate negligence in the crime fighting.