17,000 Pakistanis own properties worth $11 billion in Dubai

ISLAMABAD   -  Thousands of Pakistani nationals have been found among those listed with their collective property holdings estimated at approximately $11 billion, reveals the data named ‘Dubai Unlocked’.

A collaborative investigative journalism initiative has unveiled the property ownership of influential figures worldwide in Dubai including thousands of Pakistanis. The ‘Dubai Unlocked’, the project relies on data offering an extensive insight into hundreds of thousands of properties in Dubai, along with details regarding their ownership or utilization, primarily spanning the years 2020 to 2022.

Pakistani nationals are also among those listed, with their collective property holdings estimated at approximately $11 billion.

The revelation includes approximately $400 billion worth of properties owned by non-residents, including $11 billion worth of properties owned by Pakistanis.

The “Property Leaks” expose the names of several political figures, government officials, and retired civil servants from around the world. Among them, Pakistanis own $11 billion worth of properties in Dubai, making them the second-largest group of non-residents purchasing properties in the city. According to the “Property Leaks”, 17,000 Pakistanis have bought 23,000 properties in Dubai. Indian citizens lead among non-residents purchasing properties in Dubai, with 29,700 Indians owning 35,000 properties in the city.

Additionally, there are 19,500 British citizens who own 22,000 properties in Dubai. The total value of properties purchased by British citizens in Dubai amount to $10 billion. At least 8,500 Saudi citizens have bought 16,000 properties in Dubai, totalling over $8 billion.

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