Appeal in unlawful marriage case adjourned till today

ISLAMABAD   -   Raja Rizwan Abbasi lawyer of complainant Khawar Maneka continued his arguments in appeal against the conviction of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi in the court of Session Judge (East) Shahrukh Arjumand on Tuesday at District Judicial Complex, Islamabad.

Raja Rizwan Abbasi said that he wanted to assist the court on some legal points regarding the case. His first points pertained to the withdrawal of a complaint, filing another complaint and the effect of withdrawal of a complaint before and after the charges are framed. He submitted before the court that a complaint in the same matter was filed by a private person named M Hanif and later it was withdrawn on the technical grounds before the stage of framing of charges.

Abbasi also read the statement of Khawar Maneka during the trial when he was cross-examined by the lawyers of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi. The statement said that Maneka didn’t file the complaint earlier because of the family’s honour but eventually had to come out when it was made public. He finished his arguments by saying that the law doesn’t talk about the limitation of time.

Abbasi also argued about the time duration of the Iddat. He said the duration of Iddat is 90 days after the triple talaq.

Raja Rizwan Abbasi submitted his arguments for one and a half hours. Judge Arjumand stopped him saying, “How many arguments you’ve left and how much time will you need to conclude.”

Lawyer of Imran Khan, Salman Akram Raja asked the court to adjourn the hearing till today (Wednesday) but Raja Rizwan Abbasi said he won’t be available. Salman Akram Raja said he just needs 20 minutes to finish his arguments on Wednesday. Judge Arjumand said Salman Akram Raja can come on Wednesday to finish his submission and Raja Rizwan Abbasi can come later to conclude his arguments.

According to the sources, Raja Rizwan Abbasi is flying abroad on Wednesday and won’t be available for the next 15 days.

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