Iranian embassy blasts Israel for blatant violation of human rights

ISLAMABAD   -   Iran’s embassy in Pakistan on Tuesday blasted Israel for blatant violation of human rights. 

“May 15th is the day of the Nakba and the establishment of the apartheid and occupying Zionist regime supported by the colonial conspiracy. Nakba, or the Palestinian’s experience of dispossession and loss of homeland, reminds of the beginning of a dark period of genocide, massacre, displacement, occupation and desecration of the holy land of Al-Quds by the Zionist regime,” the embassy said in a statement. 

The statement added: “It is the beginning of 76 years of occupation of Palestinian land and the blatant violation of human rights and the right to self-determination. The Zionist regime, disregarding all human values and norms and contrary to the values of human rights, humanitarian principles, international laws and regulations and the United Nations Charter, committed the most heinous type of international crimes ever throughout the history of mankind, including War crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.” 

The Embassy of Iran in Islamabad, while condemning the brutal massacre of more than thirty-five thousand innocent people, including defenceless and innocent children, men and women, wounding of seventy-five thousand people, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in the occupied Palestinian territories and destruction of buildings and infrastructures by the Zionist regime, emphasised that the international criminal conviction of the perpetrators of these crimes should be held. 

“Also, denying the irresponsible action of the United States in disrupting the process of ceasefire and the massacre of Gaza and its recent opposition to the recognition of the Palestinian state in the United Nations, it insists that any legal, armed and logistic support to the usurping Zionist regime is unacceptable, irresponsible and contrary to the request of the international community,” the embassy said. 

Reiterating the firm position of the Iran regarding the issue of Palestine and the illegitimate Zionist regime, supporting the liberation struggles of the Palestinian people and supporting the full membership of Palestine in the United Nations, the Embassy of Iran acknowledged the strong position and support of the government and nation of Pakistan regarding the cause of Palestine. 

“Once again it declares solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian nation and emphasises that the issue of Palestine is the topmost issue of the Islamic world,” the statement said.

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