Service disruption

During my recent visit to Peshawar, I was surprised to discover that mobile internet service in areas surrounding the Peshawar airport was being suspended every night. This illegal disruption affects hundreds of mobile service subscribers who pay for mobile internet access on their phones but are deprived of the service they have paid for.

When I inquired about the reason for this unconstitutional disruption of service for citizens, I was told it was done to prevent terrorist attacks on the airport. However, I found myself puzzled as to how disrupting mobile internet could effectively reduce terrorist attacks, especially considering that most terrorists caught or killed in Pakistan typically carry satellite phones or basic GSM mobile phones.

While I understand that the intelligence agencies may have valid reasons for this measure, I urge the government to reconsider its approach. Instead of sporadic disruptions, I propose implementing a system of regular mobile service disruptions near all military and government buildings across Pakistan, as terrorists can potentially target any location.

To ensure the legality and fairness of such disruptions, the government should enact legislation authorising this measure. Currently, such disruptions are illegal, and affected customers have the right to demand refunds for the service they are unable to use. By establishing clear legal frameworks beforehand, the government can mitigate potential legal issues for mobile phone companies and ensure that the measures taken are in the best interest of national security.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt