Thieves steal sword at Lincoln tomb

CHICAGO (AFP) - Thieves have snatched a copper sword from the burial site of president Abraham Lincoln, one of the most revered leaders in US history, local media reported. The roughly three-foot (90-centimeter) sword was brandished by the statue of a Civil War artillery officer at the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, located in Springfield, Illinois. The sword was broken off at the handle, The State Journal-Register reported Friday. The theft was apparently the first since 1890, when the same sword was stolen from the statue, the newspaper said. At that time, the sword was made of bronze that largely came from melted-down Civil War cannons. Four statue groupings are mounted on the terrace of Lincolns tomb, each representing the artillery, cavalry, infantry and navy during the bloody 1861-1865 conflict. We just cannot imagine why someone would even think about doing it, let alone climb up the steps and actually do it, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency spokesman Dave Blanchette told Journal-Register. Four flights of steps lead to the terrace, which features a cordon of 37 shields that each bear the name of a state that made up the Union when the site was originally built in 1869-1874.

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