ISLAMABAD     -         The federal government has granted approval to the appointment of Mathar Niaz Rana as Member Tariff and Finance National Electric Power Regulatory Authority(NEPRA) from the province of Balochistan. However, to issue formal notification of the appointment as Member Tariff and Finance NEPRA Balochistan, it is required that Mathar Niaz Rana has to take earlier retirement from his current job, official source told The Nation. Mathar Niaz Rana is BS-22 officer of Pakistan Administrative Service and is currently serving as Secretary Ministry of Maritime Affairs and he is due to retire in June 2023. The federal cabinet had last week approved the appointment of Mathar Niaz Rana, a BS-22 officer of PAS/DMG, as Member (Tariff and Finance), NEPRA, from the province of Balochistan. “The cabinet considered the summary dated 3 November, 2022, submitted by the Cabinet Division, which was circulated in terms of rule 17(1)(b) read with rule 19(1) of the Rules of Business, 1973 for ‘Appointment of Member (Tariff and Finance), National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) from the province of Balochistan, said the decision. In pursuance of the federal cabinet approval the Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed the Cabinet Division that notification shall be issued when the officer has tendered resignation from Civil Service, said the source. As per the NEPRA Act, the Authority shall consist of a chairman and four specialized members representing provinces, to be appointed by the federal government and shall comprise of, member tariff and finance, member technical, member law and member development. Chairman is being appointed for four years, while members are being appointed for three years. “Member tariff and finance who shall be a person holding a degree in the field of economics, corporate finance or chartered accountancy and is a professional of known integrity and eminence with a minimum of twelve years of related experience in the field of corporate finance or chartered accountancy and shall be nominated by the provinces or federal government, as the case may be, by rotation, said the NEPRA act,. It is worth to mentioning here that currently posts of Member Punjab and Member Balochistan in NEPRA are lying vacant. The source said that the Cabinet Division has requested the Establishment Division to notify Mathar Niaz Rana’s early retirement under intimation to this Division, so that his approved assignment as Member (Tariff & Finance), NEPRA is notified, accordingly. Rana has also served as Chief Secretary Balochistan.