PM Imran Khan wants to introduce a uniform education curriculum, which is indeed a wise step. However, his emphasis upon making learning Arabic a compulsory subject, will not serve to bring a radical change in the moral values of our children. School going children should be taught moral and ethical science as a subject, based on Quranic/Biblical episodes with emphasis that there is a moral lesson for them. These stories should be drafted in such a manner to make them attractive so that children digest the intended message. This subject should be compulsory till the primary level. Muslim students should learn Kalimas, with emphasis on their meaning and by the age of 11 years, they must know how to say their prayers.

Over the past few decades, since the ‘60s, there has been a visible decline in moral values and ethics in our country. From the ‘80s onwards, this decadence has become more pronounced. There was a time in this country when government officials, both civil and uniformed, would be seen riding Raleigh bicycles and any person living beyond his means, tainted with allegations of corruption would be scorned by society. Integrity, honesty and commitment to the country were considered a virtue. Land grabbing mafias were very rare.

Ladies could go around without fear of harassment and sexual molestations. Reports of adulteration in essential food items were scarce and shopkeepers would ensure that their weighing scales were of standard specifications. The State focused on their primary role of providing justice, security of life and property, while various regulatory agencies performed their functions to protect the rights of citizens and consumers.

The emphasis should be that our future generation should be better human beings with tolerance and respect for all, irrespective of their caste, creed or ethnicity. Only then can they become good Muslims. Extremism has no place in Islam.