Keelkor is the biggest rural area of district Punjgure which is 139km far and located South side of Punjgure. If we see its residents are still living in such a painful condition before two decades they were. Actually, residents are not being considered part of district Punjgure, nor were they rather Keelkor has been neglected by the government of Balochistan since 2002. 

People are completely deprived of the education system and health facilities; these both are the most important basic rights of citizens which play a tremendous role in their lives, but unfortunately, the helpless residents of Keelkor are deprived of basic rights. Furthermore, most residents are uneducated because it is impossible to find a simple government education system in Keelkor. Similarly, we see there are more than four thousand children who are eager to get an education, but it is an intolerable situation for its residents because their dreams, desires and expectations of the future are being buried helplessly at the hand of the government. 

Children instead of getting an education are being compelled to work in their fields to feed their families till the last breath of life. On the other hand due to a lack of health facilities people are suffering from various diseases such as flu, fever and malaria. It is hard for everyone to face such unbearable conditions without any hospitals and medical stores. Moreover, people can’t afford to go to another city for treatment. Apart from poverty, mostly Keelkor residents come to Turbat for treatment.

At last, I humbly request the government of Balochistan to pay tremendous attention to Keelkor.