ISLAMABAD    -   The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday directed the federal police to conduct a comprehensive investigation into disappearance of Haseeb Hamza who was recovered after stern orders of the court.  

A single bench of IHC comprising Chief Justice of IHC Justice Athar Minallah issued the directions while hearing a petition filed for the recovery of a missing person namely Haseeb who was allegedly abducted from the federal capital on August 22. 

During the hearing, the police produced Hamza before the court after his recovery. Justice Athar asked from Hamza that where he was? To this, he replied that he was blindfolded at the time he was taken and had no knowledge of where he was. 

Then, the IHC Chief Justice asked from police personnel about the inquiry the IG had conducted. The police official answered that they were investigating the delay in registration of the case as well as the disappearance of Hamza. 

The IHC CJ also asked about the cases of other missing persons. In this regard, they informed the court that some people were recovered while the recovery of others was still underway. 

Justice Athar remarked that the state had a constitutional responsibility to ensure protection of citizens, but no one is fulfilling his responsibility and accountability is also not being ensured. 

He mentioned that Hamza’s father went to the SHO on August 23 but the first informant report (FIR) was only filed after the court took notice. He asked that has the court ever stopped you from taking action against someone who has committed a crime. He added that the police must act according to the law. 

The Advocate General Islamabad said that there were some defects in the system and a comprehensive investigation would be conducted. He further said that the IG has been instructed to take immediate action if someone went to the police station. 

The IHC CJ said that the system did not have any defect rather there was no accountability or responsibility. He maintained that the court can do nothing except for upholding the Constitution and the law. 

He said that the IG himself should supervise the investigation regarding Hamza’s case and a report must be submitted to the registrar by September 22 after the investigation. He remarked that those responsible for the missing of the youth should be determined. He stated that in light of past orders, the authorities should punish those who do not fulfil their responsibilities. 

Later, the court disposed of the petition and directed for a comprehensive investigation to be conducted in this matter.