ISLAMABAD   -   The move of National Electricity Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) move to amend the Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulations, 2015 to reduce the payment for distributor generator of net metering by almost 30pc is likely to dent the incumbent government’s plan of increasing the share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix.

Instead of incentivizing the induction of renewable energy into expensive imported fuel based thermal generation system, NEPRA is bent upon to demotivate the existing as well as the prospective net metering aspirant, an official source told The Nation yesterday. 

Reduction in net metering tariff will be detrimental for the expansion of renewable energy in the country, the source said. “I am clueless that who is guiding our solar policy which forces the regulator to allow around Rs 15/unit to solar generation companies but advocating a cut of up to 30pc on distributor generators of net metering,” the source said. In the net metering the government has nothing to lose but only gains and on the other hand on the commercial generation the government makes several commitments to the investors.  

The source claimed that during the PTI tenure, NEPRA had increased power tariff for Oursun Pakistan Limited Solar PV Power plant by almost Rs 0.85/unit in the recalculation appeal. The company belonged to one of the top office bearers of the then PTI government, the source claimed. “The Authority hereby approves the following revised / modified tariff for Oursun Pakistan Limited and adjustments/indexations for solar power generation for delivery of electricity to the power purchaser based on solar PV power plant of 50 MW located at Gharo, Sindh Coastal Highway, District Thatta,” said a decision of the NEPRA available with the scribe.