LAHORE    -   The Punjab government would provide 64500 metric tons of wheat to Balochistan for the people in the flood affected areas of the province. 

The decision comes after a meeting between Balochistan Minister for Food Engr Zamarak Khan Achakzai and Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi at his office on Wednesday.  

In the meeting, Parvaiz Elahi expressed complete solidarity with the people of Balochistan for the promotion of inter-provincial harmony and expressed concern over the severe shortage of wheat in Balochistan. 

‘”Balochistan is the younger brother and Punjab stands with it as the elder brother. Although there is a shortage of wheat in Punjab we will not leave the people of Balochistan alone, he said. Punjab will send 64500 metric tons of wheat to Balochistan at a cost rate. Despite the wheat shortage in Punjab, the province is providing wheat to Balochistan in the spirit of brotherhood” ; he observed and assured that the Punjab government will assist in meeting the food needs of Balochistan. 

Parvez Elahi also expressed his heartfelt grief over the loss of life and property due to rains and floods in Balochistan. Zmarak Achakzai said that Parvez Elahi has truly acted as an elder brother and the Baloch brethren value his selfless spirit. “You have supported the people living in Balochistan in difficult times and this will promote inter-provincial harmony. The government and the people of Balochistan are grateful to you”, he said. Food Minister Punjab Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dreshak, Adviser Aamer Saeed Raan and the food secretary were also present.