LAHORE   -    The Coordinator of Punjab Emergency Operations Centre for polio eradication Ms Syedah Ramallah Ali has said that students could play an important role in dispelling misconceptions about polio. 

She was talking to a group of students belonging to various universities and faculty members who met with her on Wednesday at the EOC Punjab office.  Syedah Ramallah Ali emphasized that students could play a major role in spreading awareness about polio. “Students may use creative ways of media production and help the polio programme reach parents and dispel misconceptions about polio eradication efforts”, stressed Ms Ramallah. 

“Misconceptions about polio are a big hurdle in polio eradication and have long lasting impact on polio eradication efforts”, added the coordinator. 

The coordinator further said that she believed students could work as a harbinger of change and could build caregiver and family knowledge, awareness, and motivation in support of polio vaccination. ‘With almost 100 million 3G/4G subscribers and over 100 million broadband internet subscribers, inter-net is as mainstream as television and radio. The penetration of internet as the primary medium of information, particularly for young parents and parents with children under 5 years of age, is expected to rise’, said the coordinator. 

‘Even in contexts where internet is not available or access is low, it informs local radio, print, and tele-vision journalists. So, I urge all the dynamic students gathered here to harness the potential of the dig-ital and social media and help eradicate polio rom Pakistan”, the EOC coordinator  said.