LAHORE   -    Medical experts from different countries participated in the 5th World “Retinopathy of Prematurity Congress” held in the United Arab Emirates in which timely diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, especially congenital blindness in newborn babies was discussed by the eye specialists gathered around the globe and reviewed its prevention, various measures of treatment and other aspects. 

World ROP Council nominated Head of Ophthalmology Department of PGMI/LGH/AMC Prof. Dr. Mu-hammad Moin as a member of this council from Pakistan. 

Ophthalmologists from America, UK, India, China, Japan and Italy participated in this conference. 

Other doctors from Iran, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Thailand, Nigeria, Nepal, Mexico, Bangladesh, Philip-pines, New Zealand, Canada and Taiwan are also included in members. Principal Ameer Uddin Medical College Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-freed Zafar congratulated Dr. Mu-hammad Moin on his nomination as a member of this international organization “World ROP Council” and has termed it a great honour for Pakistan which is also a matter of pride for Lahore General Hospi-tal.

Principal added that the faculty and the students of PGMI & AMC continue to get the opportunity to represent at the global level and once again due to Dr. Muhammad Moin, the services of this Institu-tion have been recognised internationally.