Cheating among students

As we are well aware, annual examinations begin in April and May of every year. Unfortu­nately, our educational system is currently plagued by a prevalent issue: cheating. Students in the ninth and tenth grades appear to be unafraid of resorting to dishon­est means, and shockingly, some teachers are also implicated in this problem. Papers are being leaked well before their scheduled ex­amination dates. Despite the gov­ernment’s promises of creating a cheating-free environment, all ef­forts seem to be in vain when con­fronted with the allure of blue and orange rupee notes.

Private institutions charge high fees in the name of providing qual­ity education, but they allocate a significant amount to examina­tion centres for providing cheat­ing materials to their students. Consequently, these students manage to clear their exams with high grades, but they lack the fun­damental skills necessary to write an essay or an application. Conse­quently, our passing rates might be on the rise, but the overall lit­eracy rate is plummeting, primar­ily due to the proliferation of this type of cheating material.

Hence, it is an earnest request to the concerned authorities to take strict measures and eradicate this damaging trend from our educa­tion system. It is imperative that we restore the integrity of our ed­ucation system and ensure that students receive a genuine and valuable education.



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