Commissioner commends elections for student councils across public schools of south Punjab

BAHAWALPUR  -  Bahawalpur Division Commission­er Dr Ehtasham Anwar said that the elections for student councils were held across the public schools of all districts of south Punjab was a commendable initiative of its kind in the country. He made these remarks while observing elec­tions of students councils here on Thursday. He also said that unlike students unions, where students with political inclinations par­ticipated, the criteria for students schools councils was such that only hardworking, capable and disci­plined students could contest and get elected. Furthermore, entire phenomenon of students councils would operate under a disciplined and controlled environment, and a serious violation could even lead to their dissolution. 

As regards the responsibilities, it was stated that the students councils would primarily organise co-curric­ular and sports activities at the cam­puses. Moreover, they would carry out 2-way communication between the school administration and the students on issues of mutual con­cern, as and when needed.

In #istrict Bahawalpur, more than 110,725 students casted their votes to elect office bearers includ­ing presidents, vice-presidents, general secretaries and class repre­sentatives in 478 middle and high schools—both boys and girls. Long queues of students were observed outside the make-shift polling booths in schools since early morn­ing who were excited about casting their votes. Results were later an­nounced in front of jubilant crowds who were eagerly waiting for the outcome. Earlier, assistant commis­sioners of various tehsils visited the schools alongwith officers of the School Education Department to oversee the elections and express solidarity with the students.

The elections of student councils had been organised on the pattern of general elections held at higher levels in the country, and entailed constitution of an Election Commis­sion, nomination of candidates, elec­tion campaigns, use of ballot papers, and casting of votes. The stated ob­jectives of the entire exercise have been to develop and nurture leader­ship skills in the students as well as to equip them with life skills such as management, communication, pub­lic relationing etc. It would in fact in­troduce and strengthen democratic values at grassroots level in a coun­try whose record is far from satisfac­tory on this account.

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