Crystals of chaos: Ice addict, accomplice lose life after robbing own family

Peshawar  -   They call it “ice” (crystal meth), a deadly addiction that has become a source of a hike in the crime rate in today’s society. Many criminals arrested in various cases are found to be addicted to ice. Such is the tragic tale of a man who was part of a criminal gang of ice addicts and who tragically lost his life shortly after committing a robbery at his own in-laws’ home.

The gang consisted of five unemployed individuals whose two primary pursuits were smoking ice and engaging in robberies, for which they were already wanted by the police.

After a series of robberies, one of the gang members named Daud made the ill-fated decision to rob his own in-laws’ house. The gang meticulously planned the heist, and following the robbery, the five gangsters proceeded to a riverside location to distribute their stolen “booty.” However, a heated argument erupted over the division of the spoils, leading to gunfire that claimed the lives of Daud and his accomplice, Sajjad, while the remaining three members managed to escape the scene. 

The subsequent discovery of the two bodies prompted an investigation, resulting in the arrest of two other gang members, Sikandar Shah and Raham Dad.

Narrating the details of the gang’s activities, Sikandar Shah revealed that it was Daud himself who suggested robbing his inlaws’ house. “On that fateful day, we waited outside while Daud scaled the wall of the house and pilfered from his own relatives’ home,” he added.

However, Sikandar explained that Daud did not distribute the stolen money equally among the gang members. “We returned to him a share that was significantly smaller than what Daud received,” he lamented. A police investigator shared that Daud had stolen just over Rs3,22,000 in cash from his in-laws’ home, which subsequently led to a dispute among the gang members regarding the division of the stolen funds. “Following the recovery of the bodies, we discovered that both of the deceased individuals were part of a larger group, prompting us to investigate further,” he elaborated. He further disclosed that raids were currently in progress to apprehend one more member of the gang.

 The scourge of ice addiction is rapidly spreading through society and has also contributed to an uptick in the crime rate. Notably, the Peshawar Police recently uncovered a drug manufacturing facility where 58kg of ice and various production tools were seized.

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