Excessive KE Bills

Through the columns of your newspaper, I want to draw at­tention to my growing concern regarding the recent decision by Karachi Electric (KE) to in­crease extra charges on consum­ers’ bills. It has come to my at­tention, along with that of many fellow residents, that there has been a noticeable increase in these supplementary bills over the past few months. This move has raised significant questions and discontent among the resi­dents of Karachi.

While I understand that utility companies may face various chal­lenges and expenses, the sudden imposition of additional charg­es has taken many consumers by surprise. Many of us are already struggling to manage our budgets amidst rising prices, and these un­expected bills are causing signif­icant financial strain. This lack of proper justification for these extra bills has left citizens feeling frus­trated and disillusioned.

It is essential for KE to be trans­parent about the reasons be­hind these increases and to pro­vide a clear breakdown of how these charges will benefit con­sumers. I urge KE to engage in an open dialogue with its consum­ers, providing them with a plat­form to voice their concerns and seek clarifications. Transparent communication can help rebuild trust and alleviate the scepticism that currently surrounds these additional charges.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt