Maryam asks people to give two-thirds mandate to Nawaz Sharif

Says Nawaz will end economic downturn, inflation, unemployment: Former PM would diligently pursue this agenda for betterment of the nation

LAHORE   -  The senior Vice- president and Chief Organizer of the Pakistan Muslim League (N), Maryam Nawaz Shar­if Thursday convened a consulta­tive meeting with former Assembly members and party ticket holders. 

The purpose of this meeting was to gather their insights on the current political dynamics in their respec­tive constituencies in anticipation of the upcoming elections. Further­more, she sought their recommen­dations concerning the reception arrangements for the return of the party’s leader Mian Nawaz Sharif scheduled for next month.

During the meeting, the announce­ment of Nawaz Sharif’s return on Oc­tober 21 was met with enthusiasm. National and provincial assembly members expressed their unwaver­ing support for Nawaz Sharif and pledged to accord him a historic wel­come upon his return. The partici­pants of the gathering also provid­ed their input and ideas on how to make this occasion truly remarkable. They were confident that elder Shar­if would once again lead the nation and steer it out of its ongoing crises.

Addressing the meeting, Maryam encouraged former party lawmak­ers to strive for securing a more than two-thirds majority for Sharif in the upcoming elections. She emphasized that Sharif, in return, would bring an end to the economic downturn, in­flation, and unemployment, there­by dispelling the darkness that had shrouded the nation. Maryam un­derscored that the people had thrice placed their trust in Sharif as their prime minister, and he had faithfully fulfilled every promise made to them.

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