Pakistan keen to revitalise trade relationship with Japan

ISLAMABAD-Pakistan has expressed keen interest in revitalising its trade relationship with Japan. Caretaker Minister for Commerce Dr Gohar Ijaz held a meeting with Wada Mitsuhiro, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan. The meeting was held to discuss and rejuvenate trade relations between Pakistan and Japan, with an emphasis on Japan’s automotive sector and the possibility to amplify bilateral trade in other sectors such as textile and agriculture.
During the meeting, Minister Dr Gohar Ijaz underscored the importance of Japan’s exemplary trade practices and its global reputation as a leader in international trade. He remarked, “The only way to trade is the way Japan trades,” emphasizing Pakistan’s admiration for Japan’s trade strategies and its aspiration to learn from and collaborate closely with Japan. The minister extended a warm invitation to Japan, expressing Pakistan’s keen interest in revitalizing its trade relationship with Japan. Pakistan recognizes the immense potential for growth and collaboration that lies within this partnership.
Ambassador Wada Mitsuhiro echoed the sentiment of collaboration and highlighted the need to formulate a comprehensive roadmap for expanding exports to Japan. This roadmap will serve as a strategic guide to strengthen economic ties and facilitate smoother trade between the two nations. The meeting focused on Japan’s renowned automotive sector. Japan is a global leader in automotive manufacturing and Pakistan sees immense opportunities for cooperation and trade growth in this sector.
Japan’s automotive sector represents a multi-billion-dollar industry, known for its cutting-edge technology and high-quality products. Pakistan, with its growing economy and skilled workforce, is well-positioned to collaborate with Japan in this sector, leading to mutual benefits and economic growth. Minister Dr Gohar Ijaz and Ambassador Wada Mitsuhiro concluded the meeting with a shared commitment to explore opportunities for trade expansion, particularly in the automotive industry. Both parties expressed optimism about the future of Pakistan-Japan trade relations. The Pakistan Ministry of Commerce remains dedicated to fostering a prosperous economic partnership with Japan and looks forward to further discussions and initiatives to enhance bilateral trade.
Meanwhile, Brazilian Ambassador Olyntho Vieira called on Dr Gohar Ijaz, Caretaker Minister for Commerce, Industries & Production, in his office. Both sides realized the fact the current trade volume of $1.6 billion can be further increased by exploring more areas of cooperation especially in value added agriculture sector and also in textile & garments.
Federal Minister Dr Gohar Ijaz informed the ambassador of the formation of Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), and its proactive efforts to attract foreign direct investment in key sectors such as agriculture, mining, chemicals, and information technology. Commerce minister extended an invitation to Brazil to consider investing in Pakistan’s agricultural sector for farming and also offered to have joint ventures with Pakistani companies. Minister Gohar appreciated the Brazil’s global prominence in agriculture, and expressed its strong desire to collaborate closely with Brazil in this area.
The minister also extended an invitation to Brazil to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan’s petrochemical sector, underlining the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships in this sector. He informed the ambassador that Pakistani businessmen are willing to explore and have meetings with their Brazilian counterparts in Brazil. Ambassador Vieira expressed keen interest in improving business-to-business relations between the two countries and offered his full support for Pakistan’s initiatives among the Brazilian business community aiming to foster better trade ties. Ambassador Vieira extended invitation to Minister Dr Gohar to lead a business delegation to Brazil and to engage with top businesspersons and high government officials in Brazil for collaboration and attracting investment especially in agriculture and petrochemicals sectors.

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