Power pilferers attack Fesco team with sophisticated weapons

FAISALABAD  -  The armed power pilferers have reportedly attacked the FESCO team with sophisticated weapons when the latter tried to remove electricity supply metre of an accused in the area of Raza Abad police station. 

FESCO spokesperson Tahir Sheikh said here on Thurs­day that a special anti-electricity theft operation was in full swing under the direction of the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) in FESCO region.

During this drive, the FESCO team of Madinabad Sub­division comprising of Metre Inspector Imtiaz Ahmed, Metre Readers Raza Mustafa, Abdul Razzaq and Shaukat Lineman tried to check an electricity supply metre of a consumer Faisal Roomi who had the account number 19-13228-1125800 in Gulzar Colony, when a woman Ms Zahida came out of the house and stopped the FESCO of­ficials from checking the electricity connection. 

When the FESCO team insisted on implementation of anti-power pilferage operation, the lady produced resis­tance and hurled threats of dire consequences.

She also attacked the FESCO team and tore clothes of metre reader Abdul Razzaq. Her sons namely Faiz Roomi and Noomi came out from the home by carrying a rifle and the accused Faiz Roomi started firing bluntly at the FESCO officials. However, the FESCO officials immediate­ly took shelter behind their vehicle and saved their lives, whereas the accused managed to escape from the scene when the area people gathered on the spot.

Later, the FESCO team under supervision of Sub Divi­sional Officer (SDO) Ali Abbas removed the electricity supply metre of the accused alongwith its wire and got a case registered with Razabad police station. 

Receiving information, Assistant Commissioner (AC) City Mr Uzair reached at the spot and extended his full support. 

The police also started investigation after taking the accused, Zahida, into custody, the spokesperson added.

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