In a recently emerged video, security forces in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) can be seen forcing young boys to chant ‘Pakistan Murdabad’.

In the video three Indian military personnel are beating a single youth with a baton while pinning him to ground.

Three badly beaten Kashmiri boys can be seen sitting in an Indian military jeep where a soldier is slapping and beating them with a wooden baton.

“Say Pakistan murdabad, say it,” an Indian soldier ordered them. “You want freedom, tell me, you want freedom,” repeated the soldier while beating the injured youth.

The injured and crying young men are repeating what Indian soldiers are forcing them to say.

This is the second brutual video emerging from Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) in a couple of days. Two days ago, in another video, a Kashmiri young man was seen tied by an Indian soldier in front of their jeep to prevent stone pelting.