KE launches drive for plantation of 100,000 more mangroves

KARACHI   -  As part of the environmental and social implementation programme for BQPS – III, KE celebrated the successful planting of 100,000 mangroves and launched a drive for plantation of 100,000 more mangroves in partnership with Pakistan Coast Guards. The event was attended by the chief guest Naeem Mughal, Director General, Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA).

Commenting on the partnership, Additional DG SEPA Waqar Hussain Phulphoto said, “Collaborative efforts such as this partnership between KE and PCG are needed to increase the impact of the environmental work that SEPA promotes. With KE’s contribution to mangroves in this area, we expect to see a growth in green cover which is essential for improving Karachi’s environment and landscape.”

Mangrove trees play an important role in the coastal ecosystem by providing sanctuary to juvenile fish and invertebrates, a habitat for endangered species, and a buffer against soil erosion, natural disasters, and rising sea levels. In the Port Qasim area, these mangrove forests also provide a renewable resource and a source of livelihood to the fishing communities of Ibrahim Haidiri and Rehri Goth. Speaking on the importance of this initiative, Dr Abdul Qayyum Bhutto, Director, Pakistan Meteorological Department shared, “KE’s plantation initiatives demonstrate a responsibility not just to the health of the coastline, but also to the city of Karachi. These efforts encourage other departments as well to continue contributing to this cause.”

K-Electric’s Director for Sustainability Management, Zehra Mehdi said, “KE has always been committed towards creating green zones within the city of Karachi and its adjoining areas. We share a history of over 100 years with the city and these efforts are our humble way of giving back to Karachi. This mangrove plantation exercise is part of KE’s clean and green initiative for our upcoming BQPS-III power plant, and we appreciate the support of the Pakistan Coast Guards in making this activity a success.”

The Port Qasim area is also home to BQPS-III is KE’s flagship 900 MW power plant that aims to reduce environmental pollution while enhancing system efficiency and power generation capacity to meet future energy challenges. KE is working with its stakeholders to implement an environmental and social plan that will improve the environmental landscape and support the communities who subsist on the mangrove forests. With its commitment to plant 200,000 mangrove trees in the vicinity of its power stations, KE aims to strengthen the natural ecosystem and build coastal resilience against climate change. To date, as part of its wider vision under the ‘Plant for Pakistan’ initiative to help make Karachi green, KE has planted 200,000+ trees in different parts of Karachi.

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