Classroom crisis

The Government Boys High School in Goni, situated in the Khuzdar district, stands as one of the oldest educational in­stitutions in the area. Howev­er, its condition has deteriorat­ed significantly, posing numerous challenges for its students. Fore­most among these challenges is the acute shortage of classrooms, compelling students to endure the scorching sun. This situation became particularly dire for those fasting in the month of Rama­zan, as prolonged exposure to the elements became unbearable. Moreover, the dearth of qualified teachers exacerbates the issue, impeding many students from ac­cessing proper education.

Addressing this pressing concern requires immediate action from the government. Construction of new classrooms is imperative to al­leviate the overcrowding and pro­vide students with a conducive learning environment. Simultane­ously, recruiting qualified teachers is essential to ensure the delivery of quality education and safeguard the students’ well-being.



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