Muslim K-popstar Daud Kim buys land to build mosque in South Korea

Muslim K-pop artist Daud Kim revealed to his fans last week on Instagram that he would be establishing a mosque on a land he had bought in Incheon, South Korea.

The musician shared a photo of himself on an empty lot of land clutching a contract under a clear blue sky. He was wearing a black jacket, black baggy pants, and a simple white T-shirt.

“Finally, with your help, I have signed a contract for land to build a Masjid in Incheon,” captioned Kim. “This place will soon become a mosque. I can‘t believe this day has come...I plan to build a prayer place and an Islamic podcast studio for Da’wah to Koreans.”

Kim remarked that he wished to see more Muslim houses of worship in his native country. Even though he was aware of how big his goal was, he remained buoyant and expressed his hope that one day the call to prayer would be heard across the streets.

Kim asked his followers for financial support to help him turn his dream into a reality at the end of his article, including information on his PayPal and bank accounts.

Kim is a South Korean singer, actor, and YouTube sensation who goes by Jay Kim. He performed Umrah after announcing on YouTube in September 2019 that he had converted to Islam.

Muslims make up a minor portion of the population in South Korea, mostly made up of foreign students and migrant laborers. Kim's contribution and efforts to improve the nation's Muslim infrastructure.

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