Political Reconciliation

As Pakistan enters a state of improving economy, the protests launched by the PTI-led alliance, Tehreek Tahafuz Ayeen-i-Pakistan (TTAP), appears to be little more than a distraction for the recently formed government of PMLN. Amidst reform efforts and an improvement of diplomatic relations with key nations, the na­tionwide protests led by this opposition alliance merely brews chaos, hindering the growth of the state.

At an event commemorating the 45th death anniversary of PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Bilawal Bhutto called out the opposition party for conspiring against the country under the disguise of elec­tion rigging. He asserted the importance of moving towards a state of reconciliation through initiatives like the “Charter of Democracy” and the “Charter of Reconciliation”.

President Asif Ali Zardari highlighted the importance of politicians en­gaging in a dialogue and putting their grievances aside. Reiterating Bila­wal’s sentiment on acknowledging the mistakes of the past and learning from them, Zardari’s focus is on national stability and unity. It is in the best interest of Pakistan for all parties to come together and focus on the challenges the nation is currently facing. Cooperation is the only route through which stability can be achieved in the state. Confrontational tac­tics such as street agitation create divisiveness in the state and must be avoided at all costs, especially in regions like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan which are already grappling with the threat of terrorism and have already suffered enough from the resultant violence. Amidst these security threats, it is important for the PTI-led opposition alliance to understand the murky waters the state finds itself in. Once the nation has found resolutions for its troubled state, this alliance may continue to move forward with its approach of peaceful protests.

However, now is not the right time to indulge in party politics. It is time for each party to rise above its self-serving agendas and priori­tise national interests. To steer the country out of the crisis, the PTI-led alliance must understand how protests cause disruption in legisla­tive matters, diverting attention from important governance matters. All parties must tend to their common goal of serving the people. With this shared objective, it will be easier for them to collaborate and fo­cus on the bigger picture for the greater good of the nation.

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